For new and returning players, here is some important information to help you prepare for the season.

USA Rugby Membership

It is mandatory for all players on Virginia Rugby to be a registered member of USA Rugby and to complete the USA Rugby Club Individual Participation Program (CIPP) registration process.  You only need to register once a year, but all memberships expire on August 31st of every year and must be renewed every August.  Players will not be allowed to practice with the club until they are CIPP'ed.  The new USA Rugby registration process can be accessed through the link below.  Search for our club using the drop downs: Senior Club --> Capital Rugby Union --> Virginia Rugby Football Club.  When you complete the search it will likely show our club and NoVA (Northern Virginia).  Be sure to select Virginia Rugby Football Club.  You will then follow the prompts to create your Sport Lomo account and complete the registration process.  Unless you are also registering as a Referee, Coach, or Admin, you will select Senior Player for the registration.

USA Rugby Membership Registration

Virginia Rugby Club Dues

Club dues are $60 for rookies and $120 for veterans per season. Fall & Spring are considered separate seasons for dues. You are classified as a rookie for your first two playing seasons (i.e. Fall & Spring). Dues can be played through the club's PayPal button below.  Select the appropriate dues from the drop-down and click add to cart.  If you are paying dues in installments you must clear that in advance with a club officer.  You do not need a PayPal account to complete the check out process.  You will receive a VRFC match warm-up shirt when you pay dues for the first time.


Select Rookie, Veteran, or Partial Dues Payment

Virginia Rugby Match Kit

You will receive a VRFC match warm-up shirt when you pay your first dues to the club.  Additional VRFC match warm-up shirts are available for purchase ($25) from the club officers.  All players will also need VRFC match shorts and VRFC match socks in order to play on Saturdays. VRFC match shorts are available at a subsidized price from the club.

Virginia Rugby Club Communication

Active players in good standing with the club should contact team leadership at [email protected] to be added to the club's private Facebook group for players.  This is the main communication tool between team leadership and players.