From time to time over past decades, there have been discussions of creating a VRFC Hall of Fame to honor players and coaches who have made outstanding contributions to the club - both at the undergraduate level and the post-graduate level. In 2017 the Board of Directors moved forward with selecting the inaugural class for the Hall of Fame. The membership of the HOF will select future inductees and will set all criteria for inclusion. The HOF is in their hands exclusively.

HOF Class of 2017

The earliest years of an organization are usually the most fragile and it demands dedication from a strong core of players to sustain it. The four former players selected for the INAUGURAL CLASS of the VRFC HOF made outstanding contributions to the rugby club from its earliest days. From left to right: Chandler Van Orman, Courtney Hoopes, Lance Van De Castle (accepted by his brother and wife), and Tom Oxenham.